Présences déracinées

Choreography between sky and air

In Présences déracinées, the created dance is confidentially connected to the constituent elements of the human body as the skin, the breath, the beatings of the heart. By leaning on these axes, the dance travels between internal suspension and spirals.

The research for the verticality of the body elaborates in narrow relation with the vertical line of the space in an accumulation and a succession of strata going from the bottom up.

In every stage of this progress, the body finds in its singular position, the nose in the humus or perched on a branch, a state profoundly connected with the environment as with its sensation.

Between fragility and weightlessness, bodies base themselves and distinguish themselves in the invested nature, the dance shows itself, light and powerful giving a sensitive and poetic reading of our report(relationship) to the world.

" Eradicated presences " build themselves from elements written in the form of solo, duet or trio and more.

These existing plays weave differently according to places, confined or course, while keeping(preserving) their appropriate identities, the choreographic unity of the group is kept.



Choreographer Geneviève Mazin Dancers Séverine Bennevault, Frédérique Beorlegui, Stéphane Couturas, Geneviève Mazin, Nathalie Tedesco

Photos Giacomo Bianchi