Le noeud de la forme

Solo of 27 minutes

Work inspired by the video images of Jose-Miguel Carmona
( It is possible to present the images to the exit of the public, except the scenic space).

Pushed by a desire of introspection, of return on one, I turned my glance of choreographer on my own body, on its subject in the deepest.

While I returned ceaselessly on its resistances and jammings, I decided that these "knots" would be at the origin of the movement. They became supports.

In an obsessional progress giving the time mesure, the movement takes shape, it never repeats identical, earth up on a knot, by-pass it or face it, gets free, watches for its faults and for tensions, tries to undo him(it) for ever better to redo him it, farther, later, indefatigably. Is the purpose to break a not chosen fictitious harmony which hides a disorder?

The disappearance of what was paradoxically axis of our existence produced a frustration. The necessity, to move, of finding another jamming shows itself and the work is to begin again.

The knot which holds the shape appears as a confrontation, a convergence of strengths which meet, cross themselves. To undo it would then allow to savor it all its substance, becoming source of understanding, creativity. It is an intimate, secret, oscillating journey from the outside inside. The body spreads and contracts, lengthens then stops, wonders before restarting. Transformed, it does not look like any more what we know.



Choregraphy de Geneviève Mazin
Collaboration José-Miguel Carmona
Lighting de Laurent Bonacorsi
Musics de Nana Vasconcelos, Yagi Michiyo, Jack DeJohnette, Philippe Fénelon, Trygve Seim
Production : Cie Retouramont
Co- Producers : le Phénix, Scène Nationale de Valenciennes, le Théâtre de Chartres
Residency Micadanses/Paris, le Centre de Développement Chorégraphique/la Biennale Nationale de Danse du Val-de-Marne,
Thanks to L’Espace Marcel Pagnol of Villiers le Bel, L’espace Michel Simon of Noisy le Grand, Le studio Bobby Sands of Savigny le Temple.
With the partnership de Mur Mur et des sociétés BEAL et PETZL.

Photo and video José Miguel Carmona