2010 -2012


A process of creation

Recreate architecture of bodies inside city architecture

It is about dialogue, about stories "between". Between the body and the city, between a suspended dancer and a facade of building. It takes place, tensions, violence and abandons there.

High-places attache more to the forms and the states of a body dancing on architecture. The dance finds in the unstable position of the suspended bodies, the reason of its existence. The dancers try to reproduce within the invested place, another structures, unstable and moving, connecting the sky and the earth, the ground. In a succession of curved lines, oblique or diagonal, the dance joins in the space by creating geometrical and organic forms.

The rhythm which gets free, the dialogue between the brought together strengths provokes at the spectator’s the sensation that space out is in movement itself, hesitating between harmony and imbalance. By his presence, the spectator experiences his own weight and the identification which takes place with the dancer allows it another glance on itself more intimate, deeper, of lighter also.

High-Places defines itself as play which declines in the form of solo, duet, trio and quartet. Every stage of the creation is a part of the play in itself, consisted of 4 dancers, a duration of 25 mn approximately. (Specific adaptations can be envisaged according to the request).

The process of creation takes place by modules worked during every stage. It extends from 1 to 2 weeks (according to the request). Every stage ends in a public performance. At the end of the process, 8 dancers acquired the choreographics elements. The creation can be then given in its entirety.

The music of Jean-Paul Dessy will be a prefiguration of the original composition which will be made for the creation.



Choregraphy Geneviève Mazin
Dancers Magdalena Bahamondes, Frédérique Beorlegui, Stéphane Couturas, Nicolas Lochu, Geneviève Mazin, Nathalie Tedesco.
Shooting and editing José Miguel CARMONA