Artistic project

I want to speak about dance, about movements which take the space, all the spaces, poetic landscapes, geographies of the body.

A motivation which comes from the inside
In the Noeud de la forme the question of the constraint of my own body as point of departure, the researchfor its jammings, its limits, are in the heart of the research. My body defines axes, supports necessary for the movement.
The support and the transformation of the body are in the center. The support is as well internal knot, object, body as sensation. The transformation is a state of the body, the animal, the mineral, the dough which we mix.
This work establishes a language, a repetory, in order to accumulate strates of the knowledge of the body.

Between horizontal and vertical
The research is situated on the relation which we can establish between the horizontal and the vertical line of the body, the standing and\or the slept, between these two dimensions which define the space, the ground and\or the walls and the other vertical objects.
Pass from one to another asks the question of the verticality of the body, unstable which looks for its axis, as dizzy because found too fast. This approach drives me to work on a body / material, moldable, so that it becomes other, so that it changes aspect. The movement seizes it in one repetitive and ever identical comings and goings. The body movements go into a writing made by variants, it is reflected in itself, looks for combinations and for declensions. The movement seems locked on itself and nevertheless, he lives, takes place, moves. A dance of opposition, tensions, resistance. This resistance come from the inside meets outside of the body, in the space crossed by the dance, as if the air which surrounded the body was thick, dense almost muddy.

Two spaces answer then: that of the stage and that from the outside.
In these spaces, the work is the same: confront, take place in front of his constraints, the skin, its fragility, its verticality, one, the other one. The body there bottom as it distinguishes itself there. It adheres then tries immediately to extract. In a round trip permanant the internal act feeds on the outside action, and the outside can find strength and maturity only by way of the inside. The space plays as a catalyst by which the body lets spring from buried states, from hidden sensations.
Is not it then a question of trying to know by the sensitive of a dance body, the place on which we are?

Desire of collaboration and confrontation of points of view
The learning of one is the point of departure. Body, space, material are three ingredients of the research. Internal and outside the limits of the exploration. To go from its intimate preoccupations will drive me to new collaborations, confrontations, just like those whom I began with Imen Smaoui in “même à moi revenue” (even to I returned). To work on her own creation by inviting glances, tools, other, rich and diverse constraints.
There, the confrontation in an image of one through the camera, here the dialogue with a choreographer, even there the raid of a sound universe, or still here the architecture of a place, are so many examples of constraints and interactions inside / outside. And then, the interpreters who also learn to learn, to investigate and bring their own experiences to enrich the research. Finally, tools: the body, the earth, the tree, the building so many objects constraints which are imperative and require to enter dialogue.

By choosing to call the association l’Archanthrope (or the 1st man who put himself up), about whom we can say however it is the man of beginnings, the project finds a drawn road. There is of the will and some effort to pass of the position slept in the position up, of the horizontal upright. There is of the mystery to be crossed of the world of the unconscious in that of the conscious, there is some confidence to begin inside and continue outside, to isolate itself at first and then share.